EAT Lean – App Framework Generator for Corona SDK

New and experienced users alike can now generate reliable starter frameworks in seconds flat.  Don’t struggle to get your project configured any more.  Just use EAT and then focus on making your game or app as awesome as this tool!


Plugins, Configurations, and Settings, …

… oh my!  Did you put this off till last?  Are you new to Corona SDK?  Maybe you are experienced and yet you still forget the intricacies of this stuff.

That’s cool.  Don’t feel bad.  Corona SDK has a lot of features and tons of settings, configurations choices, as well as nearly 100 plugins.

If you are a one- or two-person shop, you’ve already got your hands full with app/game development, art, marketing, …. so let EAT Lean do the heavy lifting for you on setting up that project.

Now you can set up your project in seconds flat and know that it is right.  No hassle, no struggle, point, click, paste, generate done.

Features and Benefits Coming Out The Wazoo


EAT Fat- Coming Early September 2016

For now, grab a copy of EAT Lean and get an automatic upgrade-discount on EAT Fat when it comes out.



More Products Coming Soon…


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