2015 Developer Goals

My short and sweet list of goals for 2015 follows:

  1. SSK Refresh (aka SSK 2.0) – Release a completely updated and cleaned up version of my free “Super Starter Kit”.
  2. Release SSK Docs – These will be downloadable, indexed, etc.
  3. “Just Mechanics” – In late January, early February I will release a whole new product line (for developers) focused on solving game mechanics problems.
  4. Release 26+ Games – I don’t make enough of my own games, or rather I don’t publish enough.  That has to change.  Also, I am inspired by KetchApp (among others) who managed to release 33 new games in 2014.  My goal comes out to one game released every two weeks (on average).
  5. Wean myself off of contracting gigs. – Contracting is great for making money, but I find this kind of work really saps the soul.  I didn’t get in this business to be a contractor, nor do I wish to organize my life based on others’ needs and schedules.
  6. Get back on the road by July 1st.  – I started this company to travel and work, but lately it has all be working in my home office.  That has to change.  Time to get Roaming!


– Ed Out