Placeholder for the “Ask Ed” page. (15 JAN 2013)

Ask Ed” is a new service,  wherein I charge a flat rate to solve one problem or answer one question you have been unable get resolved elsewhere.

The idea behind this service goes something like this:

  • You have asked for help on the CoronaLabs.Com forums and nobody can answer or is willing to help.
  • You have tried on your own and you are stuck.
  • You have to get this done to make progress on your project.
  • You don’t want to hire a full-time contractor, or can’t find one who will work on such a small job.
  • How do you get help?

Simple,  ”Ask Ed“.

The current rate is $200 for a single task or problem.  This service works as follows:

1. Contact me at this e-mail address: rg email
2. Mention in the e-mail that you want to use the ”Ask Ed” service and summarize the problem you are trying to resolve.
3. I will evaluate the issue and see if it qualifies as an ”Ask Ed” level problem.
4. I will respond and send you an NDA and a service agreement form.
5. You fill in the two forms and send them back to me.
6. We exchange communications (e-mail, IM, Skype) to outline any remaining details.
7. I will resolve the problem and provide a demo app and/or video.
8. You pay the fee.
9. I deliver the solution.


Please note, this is a satisfaction guaranteed service and I will follow up on any solutions that do not satisfy your requirements.  This means I will fix any issues (within the original specification of the problem) or, if you are still not satisfied, refund your money.