Doubling Down

Hello all.  In order to focus on personal goals, will be discontinuing some activities while the rest continue.  I will also be re-doubling my efforts to make those 26+ games and apps.

In order to focus my efforts on making my own games, I have decided to minimize distractions as follows:

  1. Patreon Rewards – I am switching to a non-reward program.  I will continue to answer questions in the forums and post those answers here.
  2. Hit Man (Problem Solver) Service – I am suspending the ‘Hit Man’ service as of today.   The ROI on this was not high enough to keep it going.
  3. SSK – I am going to continue to give this away and expand it, but I will no longer worry about backward compatibility or documenting it externally.  This is my high-speed low-drag library for creating apps and games.  Use if you want, or don’t if you think it is too big or complex.

I will continue these efforts:

  1. Corona Geek Hangouts – The show will go on, or at least I will continue to hang out and contribute.
  2. Forums Answers – I will continue to answer forums questions and provide code to go with those answers here.
  3. Contracting – I have three contracts currently (you know who you are).  I will continue working on these projects.
  4. Game & App Development – I’m going to spend the rest of my time making my own games and apps.
  5. Sellfy – My Sellfy Products will continue to be available.


Ed (aka The Roaming Gamer)