End Of Year Changes…

Hello all!  I am in the midst of changing my business direction and part of that change is modifying my presence on the web (including this site).

I am in the midst of reducing this site to the bare fundamentals:

  • Blog – Occasional posts talking about what I’m working on and doing for fun & business.
  • Make Games – A single page that will lead to my products.
  • Play Games – One or more pages that will show my latest games.
  • Hire Me – A summary page for those who want to hire me for part- or full-time work.

What about everything else…

  • Product Listings & Docs – These are all slowly migrating to RGDocs.
  • Free Content – Most of this lives on GitHub already, but the way things are organized will change soon to make it easier to find things.
  • Paid Content – I will be hosting all my of my paid content on various marketplaces, including Sellfy, Gumroad, Corona Marketplace, and eventually Itch.io.

While this change is going on, I ask that you please bear with me.  I know change is a hassle.