InfiniRoids (2013)
Get ready for a twichin’, addictive, good time! InfiniRoids puts a new twist on an old favorite.How long can you stay alive? What level can you complete?
- Four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane!
- Infinite Levels
- Three Art Themes: Retro, Modern, and Mooney
- Achievements
- High Score Tracking
- Tons ‘o fun and hours of addictive gameplay.
Get it now for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire.


Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase
Super Wordy (2012; updated 2013)
A word game that builds on the familiar base established by Boggle (R). Super Wordy adds new game mechanics including:* Freezing, Burning, and Zombified Boards
* Destroyable, Polymorphic, and Blank Tiles
* Optional Gravity
* Multiplayer between up to 10 friends on local WiFi (any device to any device).Get it now for iOSAndroid, and Kindle Fire.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase
Something Blue (2011)
A simple and yet addictive game, “Something Blue” builds upon a simple mechanic and adds new challenges which will keep you scratching your head.The goal of the game is to remove all blue blocks from the board. Crossing a blue block decreases its count by one. When its count goes to zero it is removed. read more…Get it now for iPod and iPhone
Maze Runner Advanced (2006)
This moldy oldy is a game I made for demonstration purposes and shipped with my 2006 book “The Game Programmer’s Guide to Torque“.You can get this as part of the support disk (Windows and OS X), or (Windows only) here.