Hire Me

I am available for the following types of work:

  • Computer Engineering – Are you trying to fill a cool and challenging position on your team? Take a look at my resume.  I may be just the person you are looking for.
  • Game Development with Corona SDK
    • Full Games and Apps – You supply the spec and assets, I will handle the programming.
    • Feature(s) Hired Gun – Stuck making one or more features?  I can help you.
    • Bug Squasher – Stuck behind one or more bugs and unable to get the help you need from other sources (IM, forums, etc.)?  I am an experienced bug hunter.

Work Samples

Games I Helped Make

Free Birds - Baby Turkey Trouble
Baby Turkey Trouble – Developed

Shaving Face
Shaving Face – Developed

Where's My Stuff?
Where’s My Stuff? – Feature Assistance

Jamaroos Musical ABCs - Feature Assistance
Jamaroos Musical ABCs – Feature Assistance

My Own Games

Match 3 Me
Match 3 Me


Infiniroids 1
Infiniroids 1

Super Wordy
Super Wordy

Something Blue
Something Blue

Resume, References, an At-A-Glance

Rates and How I Work

  • How do I charge? – I charge strictly by-the-hour.  (I do provide estimates upon request.)
  • What do I charge? – Contact me for this information.
  • When do I charge? – I will estimate the duration of a project and charge 50% up-front.
    • Short Projects (up to one month) –  I charge the remainder upon completion/delivery.
    • Long Projects (over one month) – I start charging at the end of month one and charge for hours, every two-weeks.  At the end of the project, I charge any remaining hours.
    • Note: I adjust final billing to account for estimate over- or under-runs. 
  • How do I accept payments? – I accept payments via Pay Pal, Square, or by mailed checks.
  • How do I communicate? – I meet/converse via Skype, IM, or e-mail.

 Contact Me

If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me via e-mail here: