Game Templates & Tools (for Corona SDK®)

Game / Tool / Module Videos Description (click to sort columns) Genre Graphics 2.0? PayPal (Sellfy) CreditCard (GumRoad)
Particle/Emitter Editor Video Personal Edition – Edit emitters and particles for Corona SDK on Simulator (Windows & OS X) and devices. Tool YES $30 $30
Particle/Emitter Editor Video Team Edition of Particle Editor (4-seats). Tool YES $50 $50
Universal Emitter Loader Video Load and Create emitters in one line using these source formats: Particle Designer 2 / Starling /Roaming Gamer. Tool YES $10 $10
Keyboard Input wasd Just Mechanics 001 – Keyboard Input.  Shows how to use keyboard as inputs source on simulator. (Windows Only; Using Android Simulator Only) Mechanic YES n/a Free
Seeking Missile missile Just Mechanics 002 – Seeking Missile.   Shows how to make target seeking missiles. Mechanic YES $1 $1
RG Super Meter rgsmicon All-in-one meter designed to assist in debugging those sticky FPS/ memory/ and other problems. This tool has been entirely re-written for Graphics 2.0 and now comes with a boatload of new features; really putting the 'super' in 'Super Meter'. Tool YES $19.99 $19.99
Color Picker icon A 234-chip color picker for Corona SDK developers.  Includes drawing app example. Module YES $3 $3
Font Dumper icon Dump currently installed font names and samples to the screen.  Helps when you can't get the name right in your game/app. Too YES $1 $1
GTTOOLS Pro gttools Green Throttle Tools for Corona SDK – Pro.  Converts polling model to event system and adds ability to send Green Throttle events to simulator.  See the user guide here. Tool Soon $30 $30
GTTOOLS Lite gttools Green Throttle Tools for Corona SDK – lite.  A free version of GTTOOLS that converts polling to events for a single controller Tool Soon n/a Free
2 Aces 2aces A simple implementation of the casino game Blackjack (AKA 21). Game NO $10 $10
7G7D 7g7d Source code to my "7 Games in 7 Days" warm-up for the 2013 48-hour GIGJam. Misc Compat ONLY n/a Free
Sudoku Sudoku Learn to make a fully functional Sudoku game using your own puzzle data. Puzzle YES $10 $10
Roto Draw Roto Draw Learn to make your own Spirograph like drawing app. Toy YES $10 $10
Slot Machines Slot Machines A demonstration of slot machine logic and mechanics for a 2 to 5 reel slot machine using a data driven design. Compat ONLY Vegas $10 $10
Tile Targets Tile Targets Best described as a cross between "Hogan's Alley" and "Whack-a-Mole" the Tile Targets template has a unique interface system and implements three mini-games (all using the core game mechanics.) Casual Compat ONLY $10 $10
Gear Jumper Gear Jumper A pseudo-clone of the game "Jump o'Clock".  This template shows you how to easily implement a fun and addictive jumping mechanic as well as camera control‚ sound‚ interfaces‚ and more. YES Action $10 $10
Roids! Roids A re-imagining of the much loved and even more re-created arcade classic "Asteroids" (TM).   This template shows you how to make an entire game including full interfaces‚ scoring mechanisms‚ physics‚ spawning‚ … and more. YES Action $10 $10
Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle This template shows you how to make a complete Sliding Puzzle Game with an adjustable number of rows and columns (between  2 and 5 each.)  It also demonstrates full game interfaces‚ sounds‚  and more. Puzzle YES $10 $10
Jigsaw Jigsaw This popular template shows you how to implement two kinds of complete Jigsaw Puzzle Games‚ using either Rectangular Pieces or Jigsaw shaped pieces. Compat ONLY Puzzle $10 $10
Swordy Swordy An experimental sword fighting game. Action YES $10 $10
Musical Memory musicmemoryicon A clone of the addictive Simon™ game many of us played as kids. Casual YES $5 $5
Pig Pig A single-player vs. AI dice game for kids and adults. Dice YES $1 $1
Tic-Tac-Toe  Tic-Tac-Toe Traditional dual-player Tic-Tac-Toe. Puzzle YES $1 $1